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Alexander the Great Statue in Skopje, Macedonia

largest in the world of the Macedonian conqueror


On 21 June 2011 the Republic of Macedonia erected the largest statue of Alexander the Great in the world.  As cranes lifted the bronze statue on top of the pedestal, hundreds of Macedonians sang the national anthem and other patriotic songs, waving flags and shouting "Macedonia!"  The equestrian bronze statue of the Macedonian king riding his horse Bucephalus is 14.5 m (47.6 ft) tall and weighs 48 tons.  Alexander is depicted as brandishing his sward high in his right hand as if he had just given the command for an attack. His left hand is restraining his rearing horse Bucephalus.  Symbolically he is facing east toward Asia, in direction of Persia.  The massive bronze rests on top of a 10 m (32.8 ft) tall cylindrical column pedestal which is a centerpiece of a large circular fountain. The complete structure rises 24.5 meters (80 feet) into the skyline and dominates the Skopje downtown square "Macedonia".















The Alexander the Great fountain was officially unveiled on 8 September 2011, on the 20-year anniversary of the Republic of Macedonia's independence, in the center of the capital Skopje. 

The fountain has been a instant tourist attraction since very moment it arrived to square "Macedonia" in downtown Skopje. Not only Macedonians, but also tourists from all of Macedonia's neighbors (including Greeks) have flocked to see the impressive monument.  And the number of tourists visiting Skopje continue to break records every month.  Organized large groups of tourists from European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, etc roam the downtown of the Macedonian capital and take pictures of Alexander the Great and all other new monumental classical buildings, bronze and marble sculptures that were erected as part of the government project "Skopje 2014". 





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